What is your Paradigm?

“Health is a journey. It is a daily endeavor. It takes work.”

Are you more of the mind set of Preventative or Crisis Care? Keep in mind that there is no wrong answer, this is just your thing.

Crisis care is when we do things for our selves when we are ill.
We all do this to some degree. We take more vitamin C when we have a cold, see the Chiropractor when our back is sore, stop smoking when we get bronchitis, only see the doctor when you are sick, Eat healthy just to lose weight before a trip or wedding, etc.

Preventative care is you eat clean and moderately healthy 90% of the time, get adjusted when you are feeling no pain to prevent issues, take vitamins on a daily basis, exercise to increase tone, maintain weight, reduce stress, etc.

What ever your current plan is, that is your prerogative. But keep in mind that an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In other words, it is far less expensive to do preventative care and lifestyle than it is to clean up chronic problems during and following crisis.

Some General stats for you:

  • 76% of all bankruptcy’s are the result of medical bills
  • 1 in 4 Americans have Cardiovascular Disease
  • 735,000 people/yr have a Heart Attack
  • 29.1% of people in US have diabetes (I,II, III)(Type II largest #)
  • 63% of Americans are either over weight or obese

Health is a journey. It is a daily endeavor. It takes work. We are not going to be 100%. And even sometimes, that is not even enough. But when you are ill, I know that your body will respond better to clean eating, fruits, veggies, exercise, and less stress; than it would on the other side of the scale. And if you are on the other side of the scale, you can always switch. It’s your choice.

John Bouma