Let’s talk about “orthotics”!

Foot, ankle, knee, and pelvic pain may be attributed to fallen arches within your feet.
Ligament laxity, sometimes called loose ligaments, may occur in the arches of your feet.
The ligaments that support your arches are not contractile tissue therefore cannot be trained to form an arch.
Once ligament laxity is present your arches are forever gone.

Constant biomechanical forces are creating dysfunction within the feet, ankle, knees, hips and pelvic regions. This is one of the main reasons we need knee and hip replacements later in life. Remember there does not need to be pain when there is dysfunction; pain is a symptom of tissue destruction.

Supporting and stabilizing the arch with a custom orthotic designed specifically for you can lessen the impact of the biomechanical forces.

For men it is easy they really only wear 2 – 3 pair of shoes that they can rotate the orthotic from shoe to shoe.

Women, let’s face it shoes do make the outfit! Women have several shoes all different shapes, and heights, this calls for an orthotic that can worn in every shoe.

Check out this link to our orthotic supplier who has a large line of footwear that your custom orthotic can be built into and see the new Naot sandals with built in orthotics.

Allow our team at Premier Chiropractic Center to custom fit your needs.

Happy Feet,
Dr. John Bouma