It’s All In How You Practice

Recently, patients have come to me after getting sold on the idea that they have a detrimental spinal condition of degeneration, arthritis, and poor spinal health by other Chiropractic groups. Each person has a similar story. Enticed with free x-rays or weight loss specials by locations outside of shopping centers, at health fairs, or by other advertisements they were encouraged or expressly told they needed ‘ever so’ urgent Chiropractic care. Some were told they may not be able to walk or they are on their way to the surgeon’s table. The patient is given a treatment schedule from 22-50+ visits, and exercises within the next 6 months, and finally one visit per week for life. At the end of this consultation, patients are encouraged to sign a contract for their care plan, making you feel that you’re under some obligation. Sounds more like a used car salesman’s tactics than anything. These chiropractic groups often tell people their current Chiropractor is doing you a dis-service to their health by not giving you the news and the cure, in which they are going to render.

My problem with this is they (other Chiropractic groups) use Practice Management to the “T”. They want their PVA (Patient Visit Average) to be 22-50+ visits. This means dollar ($) signs. These doctors are more concerned with the almighty dollar than actually providing their patients with honest service. Each patient is unique as is their condition, not the same cookie cutter treatment plan for everyone. What happens when your treatment plan is up or you ran out of insurance benefits? Does that mean you no longer have any issues and will not in the future? Not likely. What about next year? Many of these doctors are employees of the Practice, typically fresh out of school or with 0-5 years of experience. It’s a great way to grow a practice for the Chiropractor, but provides little patient benefit or end result satisfaction.

Pictures (x-rays) do not lie. Spinal disease, degeneration, poor spinal curvature, arthritis, and a weak core all have a progressive nature that will continue. Let’s be straight on these findings. These conditions of the spine and discs are a result of previous injuries sustained in your lives, poor posture, how you sit, sleep, and live. It is a slow process that your body has created over several years. Five minutes in a Chiropractors office and exercises for 50 days is not going to erase conditions that have been created 365/24/7 for “x” years. There will be improvement within this treatment schedule; however, you will not see correction of spinal curvature, arthritis, or disc degeneration within this time frame. There is supportive science that these Chiropractors use as their defense. However, as an individual, you are the key to this working. What you do, the choices you make, what you eat, how you exercise, stretch, your posture, your relationships, how you relieve your stress, etc. are equally beneficial to your health and happiness.

The principles and philosophy of Chiropractic is the most congruent to our body’s innate physiology than any other health care profession. However, the effectiveness will vary based on the practitioner. The Chiropractor’s technique, clinical experience, knowledge, and character of the doctor/practice is what makes their practice busy and/or successful. No two Chiropractors are the same, even though we may have gone to the same school. What is the right choice for you may not be the same choice for another. If you have tried Chiropractic and you did not like that doctor’s style; find another doctor.

Our office is a direct reflection of my philosophy and life. We are a 100% referral based practice. We do not pound the streets for new patients. There is no better advertisement or compliment than being referred to us by our loyal and trusting clients. My goal is to make Chiropractic affordable, convenient, extremely effective in a short period of time, and give you tools to make you stronger and wiser. Honesty, hard work, results, and early office hours set us apart from other offices. Do we believe in wellness care? Absolutely! But, that is an individual’s choice to accept my recommendation and for us to find the appropriate treatment frequency based upon what their body needs. Thank you for your undivided attention and may you always know that, “I have your back”!

Dr. John Bouma