Common Chiropractic Questions

Our goal is to answer questions you may have about our services, insurance, Dr. John’s chiropractic techniques, etc. Don’t see your question answered here but interested in our services? Please give us a call, we’d be happy to answer your questions! 847-543-1055

Do you use an activator or do you do it by hand?

I utilize a variety of techniques.
I do about 80% hands on, 15% using a Thompson Table, and 5% with a device (activator) mainly for kids and patients with bone cancer, osteoporosis, and spinal fusion. And you may have all 3 types of adjustment on the same person.

I am the type of Chiropractor that is going to make sure that the subluxations are moving the way I want them to before you leave the office. This cuts down on the number of visits that we give, and you feel better. Have a Great Day and thanks for your question.