What can be done for Migraines?

This question was asked yesterday by a fellow Facebook-er.

Migraines for all intensive purposes is a head ache. It can take on many different forms, duration, intensity and have different triggers. It is the cause of dilated blood vessels around the meninges of the brain. Something has caused the internal environment of the skull to change. Hormonal, tension/stress, muscle spasm, allergy/biochemical changes, etc.

What can we do for them?
Take a history. Listen and deduct probable cause and relations for your specific issue. Examine the neck and head and look for Subluxations (areas within your spine that are not moving correctly, which then create compensatory muscle spasm and inflammation), and Adjust the spine to improve the motion and let the body heal itself. Re-evaluate the following day and see what changes have occurred and what things you have changed since our first meeting to reduce or help the cause.

One additional technique that I have started using 6 years ago is KST.
It is a gentle cranial adjustment used with an instrument. I am reducing people’s migraines almost instantaneously from an 8/10 to a 2/10 on a pain-scale with the treatment, literally within 2 minutes. I have a 95% success rate. It is amazing!!!

Thanks for the great question. If anyone suffers from this ailment, please come and see me or share the info with a friend and see for yourself.

Dr. John