Natural Anti-inflammatories to keep on-hand at home

Fish Oil: Helps transport inflammation within the body to the kidneys to excrete. (If you do not like fish you may be allergic, so don’t try this)

Tart Cherry Juice: 2 table spoons in 4 oz of water per day

Turmeric/Cur-cumin: 500-1000mg per day

Raspberry Leaf or Dandelion Root Teas: This is okay to take if you are pregnant.

Take one of these as a daily regimen to defend your body against inflammation and when your body becomes more inflamed from injury, food, stress, etc. Take an additional remedy for a couple of days until you regulate your system.

There are hundreds of other remedies that you can take. These are just a few that I recommend in the office to patients that are safe. Please read the warnings next to some of these if you are allergic, do not take these items.