Maintenance Care & You – Preventative Chiropractic Care

Do you include Preventative Chiropractic Care into your “Good Things To Do For Your Body” list?
There are many variations of what preventative or maintenance Chiropractic Care looks like. Some offices believe that you should be adjusted 1x/week for the rest of your life. Here at Premier, we believe that this type of care is variable. It depends on your job, health present and past history, arthritis, sports you play, your activity level, and what’s up coming in your life. For most, this is somewhere between every 3-12 weeks between visits. Our philosophy is that the body is innately intelligent and knows that we do not need to be it’s kickstand to keep you up right. But we must train/re-educate the dysfunctional joints prior to a preventative schedule (Tune-up), so they know how to respond when an adjustment is applied.

Think about this. Why wouldn’t you want some preventative or tune-up adjustments throughout the year to keep you in the best possible condition? You worked hard at getting it back in shape after a problem was presented. You should keep it that way. Also, think about the time, pain, energy, and the cost of lump treatments versus spread out. It is highly more cost effective. Which keeps you productive at work, home, in sports, and in life.

In 2017, try getting into the Chiropractor for more routine work. Dr. Bouma will only give you what you need and help you find the right schedule or whatever your life can handle. It will be one of your best years in retrospect on how you felt compared to past years.