How to Choose the Right Bed

Part 2: How to Choose the Right Bed

Choosing the correct bed is really an individual decision.
Think about the following facts:

– Most conventional mattresses only last for 7-10 yrs.

– Most manufacturers say the correct way to “flip” your mattress is now only to “spin” your mattress. There is a problem with this scenario. For instance, I am 100 lbs. heavier than my spouse. My spouse is now getting my compressed side of the mattress and I get the less beat-up side. How well do you think that is going to go over? Not too well when my spouse wakes up every morning with a stiff back!

– Memory Foam beds are too mushy and people often have trouble rolling around or getting off of them.

– A firm mattress with 5” of pillow-top kind of defeats the purpose of the firm mattress don’t you think?

What is the Solution? Sleep Number Beds.
Here’s the reasons I believe they are better:

  1. 20 year Warranty
  2. Choose one with 2 air bladders (His and Her) sides. Then you each may adjust your side of the bed to your preference.
  3. These beds are adjustable. If your back is sore, typically a firmer mattress is better for you.
    When your back is feeling better you can adjust it back down.
  4. No need to “turn or flip” the mattress, so it is easier on your back.
  5. It is lighter to change the sheets and lift up a corner to get that fitted sheet attached.
  6. You can always find a deal on the internet.
  7. They require a solid base. Here is the $300 savings tip: If you are keeping the same size bed check to see if your current box spring has wood sides. If the box has solid sides, you can deck the top
    with a few pieces of 3/8” plywood and tack it in to make a solid base for the mattress.
    If you had a water bed even better, you keep the same platform.
  8. To help you in a quest for better rest, I can save you $75 off your purchase. Simply stop in the office and I can give you a signed referral slip to take to the store.

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Thanks for Reading.
Dr. Bouma