Chiropractic Services

Our Chiropractic Services

Conditions Treated
Neck / Back / Rib pain
» Joint stiffness / muscle spasms
» Headaches / migraines / vertigo
» Sports / work-related injuries
» Ear aches
» Sinus / allergy / asthma problems
» PMS / female hormone issues
» Infertility
» Esophageal reflux / heartburn
» Sciatica / neuralgia / numbness
» Digestive disorders / gastritis
» Fatigue
» Carpal Tunnel Syndrom
» Shoulder / elbow /wrist conditions
» Hip / knee ailments
» Disc bulges / herniation
» Degenerative spine disorders

Chiropractic & Office Services
» Customized chiropractic care (children, families, elderly)
» Massage therapy (six licensed therapists on site)
» Digital X-Ray
» Physiotherapy
» Extremity adjusting
» Athletic injury treatment
» Electronic claim processing
» Same-day, walk-in service
» Convenient before / after-work hours

What is chiropractic care?
The chiropractic approach to healthcare stresses a patient’s overall health, wellness and nutrition. Chiropractic care affects the nerves that are surrounded by your vertebrae. These nerves lead to vital organs, cells and glands that make your entire body, its structure and immune system operate properly on a daily basis.

When your immune system suffers an interference, it can become vulnerable and you may experience pain or get sick. Pain is a sign of tissue destruction. Other problems may actually exist before any pain begins.

What is an adjustment?
When a chiropractor adjusts or realigns misplaced vertebrae (subluxation), he restores the proper nerve and blood flow to your body naturally.

Why do I need chiropractic care?
The chiropractor’s job is not just to rid you of the obvious pain that may or may not have brought you to the office. He also removes the underlying interference that caused the pain in the first place. The adjustments, which ultimately restore your optimum health, may also prevent you from contracting unwanted illnesses.