Develop a Stronger Core!

Many people at this time of year set New Year’s goals. Your key to success in this department will be to start slow. Consistency wins. The more consistent you become the more your actions become habit. That being said, choose to do something attainable. Do it 3-6x per week. Don’t make it too hard or too long. Results will come but the feel of the exercise or task will become easier and this is your cue to up the ante.

One great way to develop a stronger Core is to stand more in your day. Our core supports our spine. Our body’s were never meant to sit as long as most American’s do per day. Your posture at the desk, traveling to and from work, then sitting at home some more. Think about how many hours you spend a day sitting. The 2 best posture promoting positions to be in is either standing or lying down. Standing causes muscles to fire all day long, it will help increase your working memory, reduce stress, increase your BMI, burn fat, and strengthen your core to name a few. Sitting will be the death of us. If you don’t believe me, look at our kids when they are looking at their phones and how curled up they are. Total reversal of the secondary curves of the neck and lower back. This is called Tech Neck or Tech Spine.

Do this one simple task more often in your day and reap the rewards.

Have a Great New Year and stay tuned for more common sense tips.

Dr. John