50-70% Increase In Health Insurance Premiums

Many of us have just received the notices about our health insurance premiums increasing.
So far we have seen rates increase anywhere from 50-76% increases. If the current situation of insurance wasn’t already bad enough.

Many people were kicked/dropped from their previous insurance plans, and then coerced into purchasing insurance policies that would cost them $700/month for a young family of 4. With the deductible of $10,000. Families were now expected to fork out $18,400 in a calendar year to receive $1 of insurance benefit. All this to avoid a $250-$668 penalty from the government. Let alone that many of people's choices for their local hospitals and doctors were no longer participating with these insurance plans. Now an increase in premiums, these families (at the minimum increase of 50%) are shelling out an additional $4,200 a year for the same terrible coverage.

Can you and your family afford the Affordable Health Care Act?

There are solutions.
You must realize that Insurance Rates and Taxes do not go down. Rates will increase with your age, gender, and health history. You need to be proactive.

1. Take your health into your own hands.
Get Active. Reduce the causes for many self-inflicted
conditions. Eat Better, Get More Rest, Reduce Stress, Make Short and Long Term Goals. Prevention is Always Better Than Crisis.

2. Find A Concierge Physician.
Spend up to $2,500 a year for medical care program. The doctor accepts a limited number of patients. You will get more one-on- one care, you will see less hospital visits, and less medications. This style of practice is growing rapidly in the United States. 4,000 a year are physicians are going this route. Soon we may see some hospitals. Plus, you can avoid the government penalty because this is a DCP (Direct Care Plan) that qualifies under the Affordable Care Act as a covered entity.

3. Choose a catastrophic higher deductible plan that has lower premiums.
Put the money you are saving in the bank, or into health promoting activities like food, exercise, Chiropractic, stress reduction. You need a plan that will cap your expenses if you had to go to the hospital. 76% of all bankruptcies are the result of medical bills.

4. Choose Chiropractic.
#1 Alternative Health Care Specialty For Good Reason. It is the most physiologically correct type of care you can receive. Your body is always trying to heal itself. Chiropractic's philosophy is "Remove the Interference, so that the Body Can Heal Itself". Your Nervous Tissue Brain/Spinal Cord/Peripheral Nerves) are the mother board and computer that controls the entire body. Dysfunction in the spine can cause changes to the exiting nerve and slows the transmission of impulse to the organs and structures it supplies. Dysfunction over time creates disease. Obviously disease is a multi-factorial process.

Choose Chiropractic. It will keep you feeling great and help you resist illness, reduce stress, keep you moving, and reduce your need for medications and future doctor visits. Plus it is significantly less expensive and the results are quick. One additional benefit, we give great advice.

Chiropractic Is Health Insurance… Premiums small, DIVIDENDS LARGE!

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Dr. John Bouma